Our Process


Here are the seven steps we generally use to start the rendering process. In this industry it is vital for steps to be done in sequence in order to meet your deadlines efficiently. Below is a brief description outlined in seven steps, as to how this process works. For more information on pricing, and starting a new project.

1  We receive your CAD file(s), then check it, and extrapolate the elements needed for the project.

2  Then we import that geometry into our 3-D modeling software, and begin the process of cleaning it up.

3  We will then create a low resolution rendering, so you can make sure the geometry imported correctly.

4  Next we will apply the materials. If it’s not in our database, then it will need to be created.

5  Once the materials are applied, we provide a low resolution rendering for your approval.

6  Upon your approval, we start the full size rendering process. Generally done at 900x675 pixels.

7  After the renderings are completed, they can be submitted to you as is, or placed into a template. 

Below is a 60 second video explaining the process.